Serviced Apartments in Bangalore for Rent

About Bangalore:

Bangalore is one of the busiest cities in state of Karnataka in India. It is the most ethnically diverse city with more than 60% of the population including migrant here from the other cities of India. This city is known as the cultural hub of India because people of various religious and various cultures live here. It is also called the Silicon Valley of India because of many famous tourists’ spots. There are lots of botanical garden, many parks, some lakes, some famous historical interests, shopping malls and others are found to visit this city.


There are lots of mosques, temples and churches in the city. The temples are the great construction of some famous designer of Bangalore city. The fresh air and charming climate makes this city more suitable to visit. Bangalore is famous for its various IT firms and lots of business centers. People of many countries visit Bangalore for visiting it or running their business. To stay in the city they need staying place badly, so the serviced apartments are highly demanded in Bangalore city.

Luxury serviced apartments:

The serviced apartments of this city can be used as the corporate housing, temporary rentals, short term lodging, apart- hotels and many other works. They are well furnished apartment house and great residence is ready to move into. The apartments are constructed and designed by the many famous designers to attract the tourists who come here to stay for their works. The authority knows the choices of their clients and tries to provide them the services the clients want. The guests can enjoy the heat of sun and the fresh air from their private balcony.

The apartments give the best opportunities for them who visit Bangalore to run their corporate works. The flats of the apartments are more comfortable and flexible in staying there. One can find them the services of the apartments are cheap than any big hotels of Bangalore. The serviced apartments cut down the extra costs of the guests when they come here for their business and give them more facilities to be relaxed in staying there. They bring an average costs which are about 50% less than any 5 star hotels. So, one can stay there with their budget able price and enjoy the facilities like the 5 star hotels.

They are located some famous parts of Bangalore city and one can come easily there by many transports because they are founded in that areas where all the transports are available. They are well furnished flats where 2 or 3 bed rooms, two attach bathrooms and one kitchen with lots of facilities are found. There are beautiful sofas, dining table, reading table, cozy beds, soft lights, colorful curtain; colorful carpet in the floor and a mirror in every flat.

For keeping clean the dress of the guests, there are dry cleaning and laundry services in the apartment. For keeping the body fit, there are beautiful gym and nutrition services which are provided by the authority of the serviced apartments.


About transtreeguesthouse

Transtree, a luxurious serviced suites that address to the privileged. Custom crafted furniture, finest interiors and thoughtfully laid out spaces offer an elegance that is redefining the serviced homes category.
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