Luxury serviced apartments Bangalore became an ideal alternative to hotels

The luxury serviced apartments Bangalore is one of the greatest alternatives to the highly rated hotels. From its location to the rent and the amenities, serviced apartments have crossed the expected profit for the consumers. The people can get connected with the MG Road, city center, halls, office localities, hospitals and other necessary places very easily from the serviced apartments. Along with the locality, its rents have a simplistic format. People can live in per day basis, monthly or for some months. The investment behind serviced apartments would bring profit in the competitive market. People can’t get such facilities in this rate outside of the authority.

The expected amenities:

The luxury serviced apartments are not less than any high-class hotels. Here, people can relish the class of every required ingredient.

  • The rooms have 5star air conditioners.
  • People can pass their nights under a soft cover. Classy beds, comfortable sofa, and back leaned chairs are installed in the bedrooms, dining, and balcony.
  • The Wi-Fi services in the entire place would help the citizen to stay connected with their works always.
  • Food is an essential chapter, which is available in the luxury serviced apartments Bangalore Poolside grill corners, bar, and restaurants can reduce unnecessary food tension.
  • People may refresh their mornings in the fitness center of the luxury apartments.
  • The inbuilt spa is another option of refreshment as well.
  • The car parking facility would bring more satisfaction.
  • Room services are included with the rents. Therefore, the person shouldn’t pay any extra buck for keeping their rooms clean.
  • The TV and DVD machines would help the people to get away from boredom.
  • The interior is very motivating and comfortable.
  • People can get fresh air from the balcony and the hazardless view would provide a visual peace.
  • People can use the meeting rooms of the apartments.
  • The studios are bookable as well.
  • Theaters, shopping malls, and other important places are near.
  • People would get car services as well.




About transtreeguesthouse

Transtree, a luxurious serviced suites that address to the privileged. Custom crafted furniture, finest interiors and thoughtfully laid out spaces offer an elegance that is redefining the serviced homes category.
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