What Makes Service Apartments Bangalore Highly Popular?

If you are in Bangalore for the very first time, then it is good to search for a reliable place to reside. Hotels serve as costly options. The upcoming of serviced apartments has reduced the financial burden to a high extent. You will be availing similar services to that of a hotel at an economical budget.

Serviced Apartments Bangalore – Offering Short and Long Stay

They are well-furnished flats that comprise of numerous amenities to that of hotels. It must be noted that serviced apartments Bangalore may be easily utilized for both long as well as short term staying. Here it is for sure that you experience as if you are in your next home. You will be provided with a kitchen along with laundry and dining room.


Recently, it has come to notice that maximum visitors prefer going with serviced apartments as they offer larger spaces in comparison to hotel rooms. It is possible to accommodate more than three persons in the same space. In the case of hotel rooms, you are supposed to book a number of rooms thus leading towards the high expense.

Tourists and Business Persons – Making Proper Utilization of Serviced Apartments

Along with tourists, business persons are also searching for serviced apartments as they will be able to carry on with their meetings at the best. Recent years have observed serviced apartments Bangalore high growth rate in comparison to other temporary accommodation. As a family, you may expect to stay altogether without breaking the group in any way.

It is awesome that companies dealing with serviced apartments are on their ways to enjoy their rates of success. It is possible to carry on with the task of booking serviced apartments Bangalore through online manner. It has become easy to make your bookings on the basis of location along with amenities and price rate.



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Hotels or Serviced Apartments – Which One to Go Ahead With

The ever-rising inflation has resulted in a situation where people spend wisely and save money wherever possible. In the recent past, the price charged by the hotels has become skyrocketing. As a consequence, serviced apartments have replaced them. They are highly advantageous and worth every penny spent.

Working professionals tend to relocate to other cities from time to time for their work-related assignments, contract, new job opportunity and so on. Living in a hotel for long-duration means a big hole in the pocket, hence serviced apartments Bangalore India is the smarter and more economical choice.


Amenities just like the hotel but a fraction of the cost

The serviced apartments are well equipped with necessary room amenities followed by other facilities such as gym, wifi, car parking and much more. They provide almost all the facilities which an individual look for in a hotel and that too at a fraction of the cost.

Flexible accommodations

With serviced apartments, you have ample options to choose from. Ranging from a single room to 1 and 2 BHK apartment – you are free to choose the accommodation in serviced apartments Bangalore India for yourself as per your needs and requirements. Such a choice is not available with hotels.

No restriction with meals

In hotels, you have to wake up early and rush to the restaurant for the meals because they have specific timings for every meal they serve. With service apartments, it is you who will decide at what time you want to have your breakfast and other meals. You also have the accessibility to a fully equipped kitchen to cook for yourself whenever you feel like.

The serviced apartment’s features well equipped fully furnished rooms. The serviced apartments Bangalore India have been designed in such a manner that they provide ultimate comfort at an affordable price together with a home-like feeling.



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Get Your Dream Home in a Fully Furnished Apartment in Bangalore

Are you ready to get your dream home in Bangalore? Bangalore is definitely one of the best cities in the country where you will find an excellent lifestyle and all the facilities of a better luxurious life. Now, you can definitely make a choice for the right apartment in Whitefield Bangalore in your budget for your next home.

If you are looking for the right residential apartment in Bangalore, Whitefield will be the right destination because of the availability of several residential apartments with all the luxurious facilities and amenities for the residents. You can definitely pick the best fully furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore as per your budget.



Find the right residential property in Bangalore:

Finding your dream home in Bangalore will be much easier and quicker now with the use of online services. Just make online research to find out all the available options like a fully furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore and get complete information about the space area, amenities, and the location.

Excellent deals on fully furnished apartments:

Now, you can definitely get the rightfully furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore as per your budget. You don’t have to go out of your budget because there are so many options available in 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK and Villas that you can pick for your luxurious lifestyle.

Make sure to check out all the complete details of available amenities and nearby facilities when you want to pick the right apartment for your next home. Once you are making the right decision to go for the best apartment in your budget, you can definitely live a happy and beautiful life with your family in your new home. To save extra on the residential apartments, you can try to compare the cost of residential apartments at different locations in Whitefield Bangalore.




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Why Corporate Guest Houses Are Better Than Hotels?

Companies these days conduct training sessions for a month or so before recruiting applicants as permanent employees. The trainees are required to live there for a period and take part in all the necessary activities.

In the course of training, the trainees are provided with corporate guest houses to stay in there. Often professionals on a business tour in Bangalore opt to stay in a furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore than a pricey hotel.


Why corporate guest house is better than a hotel?

A corporate guest house is a place where professionals stay during the course of their business trip. These guest houses are considered better than hotels for several reasons –

  1. Less expensive

First things first, the hotel rooms are quite expensive and often over-priced. Business tours are generally of one or two days but can extend to a week or more. In such a case, checking into a hotel does not seem to be a feasible idea at all, completely furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore serving as guest houses are more affordable than a five- star hotel.

  1. More spacious

In a corporate guest house, there is a separate kitchen you can cook your meals by yourself or the chef can do that for you, dining room, bedroom, lawn and parking space at a relatively lesser price. Hotels rooms, on the other hand, are small and too dark to stay for as long as a week.

  1. Well-equipped

These guest houses are well-equipped and possess all the basic amenities required for a comfortable stay. You get a personal chef, cleaning staff and a calmer place to be. Hotels are more crowded as compared to the guest houses which make it a better place to stay.

  1. Feels like home

While touring especially for business purpose feeling home-sick is obvious and inevitable. The furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore used as guest houses feel like home so that you don’t miss your loved ones much.




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Are You Looking For Furnished Apartment In Whitefield Bangalore?

Are you near to Bangalore and looking for an apartment which is artistic, comfortable and pocket-friendly? Transtree Corporate guest houses are the name that can offer the best-furnished apartments that are fully equipped with best facilities that can not only make your stay luxury but also offer the best memories to lifetime.

If you are visiting for some meeting, or interview purpose and looking for a furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore, then Trans tree is the best place to get in. This guest house in Bangalore is best in providing ultimate comfort in pocket-friendly rates. This guesthouse is located right in the middle of the city with every possible access to the city in a very convenient manner.  This guest house can also enjoy the frequent transportation services to all part of the city.


When we talk about the accommodation at furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore– Trans tree then you can easily enjoy-

  1. Twin bed
  2. King size bed
  3. Finest bed sheet
  4. Best in house parking
  5. Complimentary breakfast
  6. Best housekeeping

Transtree Corporate is the well-appreciated name that provides services as per the requirements of the guest from the point of view of the vacations, corporate events. Leisure travel, or anything else. Transtree Corporate are best in Bangalore and Whitefield.

Now let us see some services available at this amazing furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore– Transtree.


The property is best for its housekeeping services. The place is clean and available with everything that you can think of. It may include-

  1. Complimentary toiletries
  2. The fresh set of linen
  3. Laundry Services

Travel Desk

When you choose Transtree, you can easily say Bye to Worries and enjoy the Stay. The stay here will luxurious and comfortable.


Safety is the foremost concern of Transferee. The security service is available 24×7 for the concern for the guest. They are just called behind.

Manager On Call

The manager is the friendliest and understanding member of Transferee. He is available on call. You can talk and ask for his suggestion in regard to anything to everything. For more information, visit- http://www.transtree.in/



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Luxury Services for Which Serviced Apartments Famous For

Luxurious, high-end, sumptuous, fancy, opulent, grand are the trademark of the serviced apartments. These are no less than any hotel in terms of location, views, size, services and all other facilities. The 5* marked serviced apartments do not only provide accommodation but also ensure privacy, comforts & huge space.

If you are planning to travel to Bangalore for business purpose or for the leisure purpose the luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore will be your ultimate home while away from home.


24 Hours Services:

The Serviced Apartments are always having 24/7 timeline service. The services including room service, laundry services, daily maid service, cleaner and cooking staff & foods are available at midnight also.


The serviced apartments are always situated at the heart of the city. The location is one of the positive aspects of the apartments. Some luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore offered transportation services for their clients.

Food & Beverages:

The serviced apartments are good in providing complete facilities of food & drinking facilities. Some apartments have their own restaurant and available with different cuisine. The mini bar service in some of the serviced apartments is very popular in Bangalore which attracts the drink lovers.

Well Decoration:

The luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore is a very cool place to live. The mental condition will remain good and feel fresh with well-balanced decoration with traditional and modern culture mixed in home design. Fresh mind always helps to get success in every work.


Health is wealth. If the travelers faced health challenges during the tour period than the entire tour will be vein resulting both physical & financial suffer. Some of the apartments are giving personal gym service in their serviced apartments which keep the body fit & fine during travel.

Besides, the above-described luxury services there are a lot of other facilities like swimming pool, sauna is available to relax in serviced apartments.



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Serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore.

Hotels can provide the facilities like comfortable bed, bedding, room services, tea, coffee services along with the securities to you and your valuable commodities. But in this new kind of accommodations, you can enjoy a sort of homely atmosphere by preparing your food in the kitchen available along with the rooms to avoid daily outside foods. Instead, you can enjoy the tea and coffee in your procedure and time just like the home. You can prepare your coffee even in the midnight, and for sure this service may not be available in many of the hotels all the times.

    Cost Effectiveness:

For one or two days stay, the cost of this kind of accommodation and hotel may appear same, but if you have to stay somewhere for a long time or a few months, you can realize the enormous difference in the total cost. For the hotel rooms, the price of the rooms is fixed per night, whereas the Serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore may get you a considerable amount of discount in the monthly charge/rent at your convenience.


The services on Serviced villa in Whitefield Bangalore are offered by many hotels itself for the long term staying purposes. They are satisfactorily equipped with all desired features to have a ‘home far away from home’ for the guests.

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