Get comfortable and affordable accommodation in serviced apartments in Bangalore

When you are visiting in Bangalore to stay for business purpose, it is always a priority to find suitable and affordable housing in the city. Most of the people are unable to stay in expensive hotels for a long time during the business trips. In such cases, it is always a perfect option to choose serviced apartments in Bangalore. The serviced apartments are available for everyone as comfortable and affordable accommodation for a long time in this city.

Get the best accommodation at desired location:

When you visit Bangalore for a business trip, you always want to get the accommodation at the nearest location to your office. These serviced apartments Bangalore are available at different locations so you will be able to get the perfect accommodation at the desired place in the city. When you are getting the online services to search for serviced apartments in Bangalore, they will provide options at different locations.


World-class amenities for comfortable accommodation:

In this serviced Apartments, you will find the luxury facilities and world-class amenities for a pleasant stay during your trip. They will provide the king size bed with premium linens on it. You will also find additional facilities for parking, complimentary food, and housekeeping in these apartments. It will be a perfect accommodation in your budget.

If you do not want to spend too many inexpensive hotels during stay, these accommodations will be comfortable and affordable option in your budget. It is a perfect alternative to the expensive hotels when you want luxury facilities during your stay.

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Tips to find the perfect furnished apartment in Bangalore

Are you searching for a new apartment in Bangalore to live with your family? It is never easy to find the best apartment according to your requirements. You always need to consider various factors when you are going to get a new apartment in a new city. In Bangalore, you will always find a large number of options when you are going to get a new apartment. It can be confusing to choose the best apartment according to your requirements.

When you are looking to find the best furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore, you can get help with following tips for it:

Consider your budget and requirements:

Everyone has different requirements and budget so you always want to find the perfect Apartment according to your requirements and budget. In Bangalore, you will easily find lots of options with 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments. You should always keep the budget and requirements of space in your mind while choosing the apartment.


Amenities and facilities in the apartment:

In the different apartments, they provide lots of amenities and facilities. It is always important to check the complete list of available amenities for the residents. You should keep your regular requirements in mind while checking the amenities and facilities in the apartment.

It is also essential to check the location when you are going to get a new furnished apartment in whitefield Bangalore. You may choose the location near to your office or any market for easy availability of all facilities and transport services.

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Living trends in Serviced Apartments a new style

serviced apartment is also called an extended stay apartment. They have fully furnished facilities like room service, fitness center, laundry room, kitchen area, Wi-Fi, etc. People can live here for short time or for the long time depending upon the need of the customer.

Uses of service apartments

Luxury service apartments in Bangalore are used mostly by companies to host professionals who are given local or international work. Luxury service apartments in Bangalore are used by executives to stay there until they find a permanent residence. They are also given to the general public. The services offered in these hotels are similar to traditional hotels. The people living in these apartments feel like home compared to the traditional ones. The trend is increasing in India which is mostly in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore etc. The charges in these in comparison to traditional hotels are economical and give more services than the later.

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Avail the Facilities of the Fully Furnished Apartment in Whitefield Bangalore

The fully furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore is good option for the people, who have newly moved to the city. Such accommodation relieves the customers from buying own furniture, especially for the people with transferable job.

Amenities in the Fully Furnished Apartments

Fully furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore is well equipped with all kinds of necessary amenities, which are necessary for a comfortable and luxurious living style. Such accommodations are not only equipped with the necessary furniture but also with the smallest things of households like-


  • Kitchen appliances
  •        Washroom appliances
  • Curtains and shades
  • Bedding materials/arrangements etc.

Anybody, moves here can enjoy an entire home set up with all necessities and luxuries. Such places are prepared in protected manner to ensure safety inside the premise.

Best furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore



This type of accommodation is available both for purchase and rent. The rent and maintenance cost of the furniture are included in the rent/price. Booking is available online, direct and via broker.


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Know why the service apartment, Bangalore a new buzz of income!!

Bangalore is presumed for plenty of reasons in addition to the IT segment in the field like Manufacturing, Electronics, and Biotechnology. All these have prompted an exceptional increment in the interest of the business voyagers and travelers, as the interest for convenience additionally increments. The customary serviced apartments Bangalore, India are the ascent of the new age over the city.

The serviced apartments are pocket friendly service provided in a way where the arrangement is made with a little kitchenette furnished with fundamental offices of a family unit and sufficient security for the visitor. The duty is significantly less expensive contrasted with the lavish inns that charge amazing rates riding on the interest. The serviced apartments are effortlessly the ideal decision for corporate/people looking for the perfect position with financially savvy arrangements.

Presently, Bangalore represents around 51% of outside business voyagers going to India/annum. There has been a slight yet relentless movement in the stay interest of Bangalore from a premium portion of spending plan a section.


This slant owes a great deal of critical reasons:

  • Increased Medical voyagers in the need of value, financially savvy staying choices on longer runs, locate the star lodging excessively costs. In neighborhood spending plan rentals, they don’t locate the required essentials in the correct spot.
  • The steadily expanding expat populace, where individuals require a makeshift stay until they move for all time to the city, requests more adaptability that is not offered in star inns.

Serviced apartments Bangalore, India have turned into a favored stay alternative for a voyager for taking after reasons –

  • Feel at Home – Serviced lofts give you the opportunity to unwind and feel at home. They give you free space to work, unwind, eat and move about much such as your home.
  • Value for cash – Serviced flats never neglects to give you adaptable alternatives, according to your requirement for the sit tight. It is more conservative than other stay choices and demonstrates deserving of the cash spent by you.
  • Flexible and amicable – The overhauled flats give you adaptable alternatives seeing your needs. Whether you are searching for one-day, long stay, short stay, developed stay, adjusted lofts have an answer.
  • Amenities – Service flats addresses every one of your issues. Complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, security, power goes down – you get whatever is fundamental.

Bangalore will keep on seeing a rising pattern in the Serviced Apartment area.

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Serviced Apartment in Whitefield Bangalore Provides A1 Amenities

The well furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore is undoubtedly glossy and eco-friendly. It enables employees and businessmen to make overnight stays without boredom.   This corporate apartment provides all luxuries and amenities to upscale people.

Have unmixed upscale living experience by booking the furnished serviced apartment in Whitefield Bangalore. You will get all A1 amenities which 4 start hotels offer to customers. Bring thrill and happiness to your life by spending few days in such a glossy air conditioned establishment. This opulent apartment in Bangalore has the inexplicable beauty with classic decoration. Feel free to invite your friends to dine with you.

Glossy Serviced Apartment with Excellent Décor

This multistoried apartment stands on the stretch of 3000 square feet area which is reinforced with   solid brick and mortar walls. There is lot of space inside the building with a green lawn for recreation. This hotel cum apartment is furnished with precious furniture pieces, and world class lighting fixtures.   This corporate guest house is open to rich customers who can make overnight stays in this luxurious corporate guest house comfortably.


More Innovation in Interior Décor with Availability of Good Amenities

This furnished serviced apartment in Whitefield Bangalore is actually reserved or booked for only employees and executives.  Many busy officers, and businessmen need accommodation .They   book this apartment to live in. However, this corporate serviced apartment doesn’t allow residents or common persons to book rooms.  However, this city based gorgeous corporate guest house or serviced apartment provides remarkable options for indoor recreations.  Marbled rooms   of the apartment   are designed with excellent sophisticated   electronic gadgets like plazma LCD television sets, computers with internet, and audio system.  Besides, there are water slides with cool swimming pool to attract young visitors to play with aromatic water.  To shrug off stress after working hard, you need fresh water for refreshing your body.  Glass made shower cubicles must provide premium comfort to you to remove lethargy. Stay in a beautifully decorated room at low cost.

This furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore has the awe-inspiring decoration with marvelous outdoor décor.  This building is impressive with remarkable infrastructural elegance.  Book rooms in this serviced apartment Bangalore online.  Pre-booking option is given to busy businessmen and professionals.  Get complete life security and good amenities when you visit this magnificent corporate guest house.

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How to Choose Good luxury Service Apartments in Bangalore

The service apartment is better than the hotels. Here housekeeping and other facilities are the same as like five-star hotels. It is a very difficult task to search the perfect service apartment for the use. There are some parameters below need to consider while looking for a perfect service apartment.

No Legal Issue:

Making an inquiry on the legal point of view before choosing any service apartment for rent is extremely necessary. The proper documentation and authenticity from the Karnataka Govt. should look after before taking any luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore. The proper documentation will provide the strength and confidence to live there.

The reputation of the Builder:

Read, observe, personal contact to get them at most customer reviews about the service apartment before selecting the apartment is a wise activity of any person. This will reveal the original reputation of the builder and the quality of luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore.  If people are already living there than there is no any worry about it.



Location of the apartment will play the key role. If the location is close to both the workplace and marketplace than the service apartment is worth living for. It is not a big issue if the apartment is out of the city, but as long as the city is in growing stage and the main road connected the apartment with the city than this should be a great choice.


The luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore is known for their high-quality luxury services. It is a good idea to make sure that whether the facilities & specification offered by the builders are there or not. Look the basic amenities need to live in an apartment are there or not. The promise of luxury service is real or floats only on air everything should check before the final deal.


The last but most important thing is the budget. It is to calculate the budget before entering into the documentation process.

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