Many Benefits of Luxury Serviced Apartments

Whether you are visiting Bangalore for business purposes or for a leisurely tour with your family, you need to find the right accommodation if you want to have a luxurious experience.

That means you have to find the luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore. One might argue that what is wrong in staying in a hotel but the thing is that there is palpable deference.


The advantages of the serviced apartment:

  • You can get a personalized experience as the apartments are often decorated with best facilities and amenities that include kitchen and own appliances to clean laundry items
  • You can get a manager who will exclusively look at your needs thus giving you comfort and luxury
  • You can also have the security because luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore are known for security

The above-stated points are key benefits of choosing serviced apartments. But you should know the art of finding the right apartment. Here are some points to help you in finding the right apartment.

Search, search and research:

The first thing that you should do is run a search on the web or Google to find out the best service apartment provider. Make sure that at this point in time, you find the official website of the service provider and look at the service offering that they have.

It would be always wise to book from the service providers’ official websites because you can get better deals in that way.

Quality of the stay and price:

You need to find some reviews of the previous customers who already have stayed and learn about their experience. At this point in time, you should also be looking at the price of the service apartment.

The crux of the matter is that by choosing the luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore, you will ensure that you have a luxurious stay in the city.


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Making Right Selection of Luxury Apartments in Bangalore

When selecting luxury apartments, you may have to consider a few important points. In general, cost, neighborhood, and amenities may be the most important deciding factors. Considering these points is important to help you make the right selection.


This is the most important feature when looking around for luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore. This means that you can look around for one that offers a playground facility, state of the art pool and a courtyard. The type of amenities would certainly decide the cost you may have to invest. If you expect luxurious services that it is obvious that you may have to invest more money from your pocket.

luxury-serviced-apartments-in-bangalore 222222.jpg


Luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore can be searched in different locations. Some locations will always be more expensive than others. Your selection has to be made on the basis of your preferences. You can also look around for one that is safe and secure for your family. It is also important for you to consider location as per your requirements. The selection of one that is nearby to a school or hospital will also vary in cost.


Another most important feature that you need to look into when searching for luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore is the interior design. It is obvious that you should select one that is well furnished with ultra-modern interiors. Some of the apartments may be duplex types and often cost more. Apart from this, the cost will also vary depending on the total floor coverage area of the apartment.

Apart from this, architectural features are also important to ensure the safety of your family. A newly constructed apartment will always be fitted with modern fittings. You can select one that suits all your needs. In general, look around for one on the basis of your fixed budget and requirements.


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What Is The Difference Between Serviced Apartment and A Hotel?

Booking a hotel room is the first thing that comes in your mind while planning a tour or a business trip, right? But nowadays, hotel prices are sky high and it becomes for frequent travelers to cope up with the increasing expense of hotel rooms.

So what can you do?

To save you from this trouble, serviced apartments Bangalore come to your rescue. The concept of serviced apartments is relatively newer than that of hotels. It is only in recent years, serviced apartments have gained popularity amongst young professionals constantly traveling for work purposes or often shifting cities for a span of a few months.


What is the difference between the two?

There are a lot of differences between hotels and serviced apartments. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Serviced apartments Bangalore India are less expensive

It’s high time we address the elephant in the room; hotels are highly overrated and costly too. It becomes completely unbearable to pay a hefty amount for a small hotel room especially for an extended business tour of a week or so. Serviced apartments are more flexible in the price ranges as compared to the hotels. You can book serviced apartments depending on your budget.

  1. Hotels lack the small luxuries

Hotel rooms do not have personal well-equipped kitchens. A lot of people have this habit of eating homely food or cook for themselves. You cannot have that in a hotel. Also, there is barely any chance of getting sunlight in a dark hotel room unless it is a five-star or seven-star hotel.

  1. Serviced apartments give you more space

Typical serviced apartments Bangalore are 1BHK flats; you may choose a bigger place within the ambit of your budget. These apartments have more space. From balcony to the terrace everything is accessible for you without paying anything extra.

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How Rental Furnished Apartment Is Better Option?

When speaking of apartments, budget, location, size, and facilities are all factors that you have to consider. Most tenants are always concerned about rental options as thee are more convenient. Purchasing an apartment may only be options available for a limited number of individuals who are able to afford to invest big money.

In the present time, access to renting serviced apartments Bangalore India options are available for anyone to use. This certainly is one of the best options that are hassle-free and affordable. Apart from this, there are a number of other benefits that you get when planning for the home rental option.


Instant availability

The fact is that when thinking of renting apartments, it is obvious that you always have unlimited options. Even if you want to rent serviced apartments Bangalore India you have unlimited options both online and offline.

You can get instant success to serviced and furnished apartments instantly when searching. The process of shifting can also be done instantly without giving a second thought.  The apartments are well equipped with all basic amenities such that you can shift at your own convenience.

Time Saver

It is also certain that when opting for options like serviced apartments Bangalore India it is considered as a lifesaver. As the apartments are already furnished so you may not have to purchase any furniture after shifting.

This will prove helpful for individuals who need to move around on a regular basis in different places. So the moment you rent a furnished apartment, you just have to carry your clothes at the time of shifting homes.

Another major advantage is that rentals always are considered as more cost-effective solutions as compared to purchase options.

Mobility factor

The main reason why a number of individuals select rental option is that it offers you with complete mobility. You can select any place or destination you want to get settled at for any period of time.

Rental apartments are options that prove best for people who have employed on a transfer job basis or move around very frequently.


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Why Corporate Guest Houses Are Better Than Hotels?

Companies these days conduct training sessions for a month or so before recruiting applicants as permanent employees. The trainees are required to live there for a period and take part in all the necessary activities.

In the course of training, the trainees are provided with corporate guest houses to stay in there. Often professionals on a business tour in Bangalore opt to stay in a furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore than a pricey hotel.


Why corporate guest house is better than a hotel?

A corporate guest house is a place where professionals stay during the course of their business trips. These guest houses are considered better than hotels for several reasons –

  1. Less expensive

First things first, the hotel rooms are quite expensive and often over-priced. Business tours are generally of one or two days but can extend to a week or more. In such a case, checking into a hotel does not seem to be a feasible idea at all, completely furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore serving as guest houses are more affordable than a five- star hotel.

  1. More spacious

In a corporate guest house, there is a separate kitchen you can cook your meals by yourself or the chef can do that for you, dining room, bedroom, lawn and parking space at a relatively lesser price. Hotels rooms, on the other hand, are small and too dark to stay for as long as a week.

  1. Well-equipped

These guest houses are well-equipped and possess all the basic amenities required for a comfortable stay. You get a personal chef, cleaning staff and a calmer place to be. Hotels are more crowded as compared to the guest houses which make it a better place to stay.

  1. Feels like home

While touring especially for business purpose feeling home-sick is obvious and inevitable. The furnished apartment in Whitefield Bangalore used as guest houses feel like home so that you don’t miss your loved ones much.




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How to Avail luxury serviced apartments Bangalore

Many of the apartment services in the metro city like Bangalore are attracting the customer with their amazing services. There is a huge demand for such apartment services in the current time because people would love to stay in metro cities like Bangalore.

Due to several reasons people travel from one place to another and choosing luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore is one of the best ways to stay comfortable. Most of the services apartments are serving with the homely environment to make their rentals feel like home.


Luxury apartment at the best price:

All the services apartments in Bangalore well designed with the wide range of comfortless, contemporary and luxury appearance that always attracts the customer from all over the different part of the world to visit here and can gain a homely staying experience.

With the help of internet and services providers, people can easily able to pick the desirable and affordable luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore with fully furnished facilities and ready to move in conditions.

With the help of some online service providers also people are getting all the latest updates on how to hire the services apartments and in which favorite location. In the prime location getting any services apartment facilitates is the best way to enhance your staying experience in a city like Bangalore.

The rising demand for luxury apartment services:

Many of the rental and serviced apartments have all the modern facilities that offer the best services to the clients and make them feel like homely environment all the time. In comparison with high price hotel services picking the luxury serviced apartments in Bangalore is the best idea as they are more affordable and beneficial for the people.

At presently when there is a high demand for luxury stays and hotels, the first preference people are giving to go with services apartment’s facilities with great access with an extensive range of modern facilities and personalized warm comfort services.



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Home Stay with Luxurious Experience In Bangalore

Furnished and equipped guest house, catering to the requirements of a comfortable long stay. These serviced apartments Bangalore add services of luxurious, expensive hotels at an affordable price for tourists on vacation or corporate purpose visitors. It allocates the space needed to leave the hubbub of the city behind while also providing appropriate ambiance for work and leisure. The privacy of the guest is given the utmost importance while maintaining the promised standards of service.  


luxury serviced apartments in bangalore

Situated in the heart of the city, the serviced apartments Bangalore provides on-site parking, dedicated and skilled hospitality staff, transport facility for the entire city and nearby tourist attractions, complimentary breakfast and other needs making it a memorable stay.

Amenities in the apartment consist of clean towels, linens, and toiletries of daily need. Bedsheets and other linens are changed on a regular basis. Hygiene and cleanliness is the priority of space. One need not worry about the laundry work as it is taken care of by the assigned staff on request.

A fitness center and a rooftop swimming pool for the guests to maintain the daily fitness routine takes care of the health requirements of the esteemed guests. Longing for home-style food or something as tempted by the mood, the In-house kitchen offers a multi-cuisine menu and on-demand food and beverages. A secure and safe stay is promised by the security department providing 24*7 security personnel in the serviced apartments Bangalore

New to the city is not an issue when there is a travel desk ready to help attitude. Need to book a cab or plan the day, the determined, and resourceful travel guides are happy to help.

Need assistance? The manager is just a call away at any hour of a day. The on-call manager help makes it an easy and joyful stay without any hustle.

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